Frequently Asked Questions 

What do I get in my half share or full share box each week?
Each share receives a variety of produce depending on the season. (See our 2017 Produce Varities)
Half share boxes are typically enough to feed a family of 2, while a full share is enough for a family of 4. We recommend you supplement your produce needs with other vegetables and fruits from other sources (grocery stores, co-op market, etc.).

Example spring FULL SHARE box: 

2 beet bundles
2 watermelon radish bundles
1 head of bibb lettuce
1 head of red sails lettuce
2 chard bundles
1 mizuna bundle
2 small scape bundle
2 lime basil
2 bok choy

Example summer FULL SHARE box:

1 pint black cherry tomatoes
2 lbs. heirloom tomato (variety will vary)
2 lbs. green beans
1 pint padron peppers
1 pint jalapenos
1 pint tomatillos
1 medium watermelon
1 cilantro bundle
2 lbs. yellow squash/zucchini

Example spring HALF SHARE box:
1 beet bundle
1 watermelon radish bundle
1 head of bibb lettuce
1 chard bundle
1 mizuna bundle
1 small scape bundle
1 lime basil
1 bok choy

Example summer HALF SHARE box:
1 pint black cherry tomatoes
1 lb. heirloom tomato (variety will vary)
1 lb. green beans
1/2 pint padron peppers
1/2 pint jalapenos
1/2 pint tomatillos
1 small watermelon
1 cilantro bundle
1 lb. yellow squash/zucchini

Can I pick what comes in the box? 

No, you can't pick what comes in the box. All boxes are packed identically and will include what's available at the farm. 

Can you split my full share or half share box in two?
No, we do not split boxes. 

I'm going out of town and can't pick up my share. What do I do?
We recommend you have a friend or neighbor pick up the share for you, or give it to a friend. CSA shares make for great gifts! Also, let us know ahead of time the week(s) you can't pick up and the designated person who will be picking up for you. If you can't pick up at all, we will donate the box to Society of St. Andrew or a local food bank.

How do you figure out the value of the vegetables each week to add up to the total share amount?
We use the same prices that we have at the farmers markets we attend. Our CSA members get a 10%+ discount on our pricing, so you'll be getting a better deal than if you shop in our booths.


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